Bar Tending


The outdoor beach bar {what next} Palisades Outdoor Bar with [Gild] Overalls with skittle_black.

Overalls : [Gild] Overalls with skittle_black

Outdoor Bar : {what next} Palisades Outdoor Bar

Bar Stool  : {what next} Palisades Bar Stool

Cocktail Shaker : {what next} Palisades Cocktail Shaker

Wine Chiller : {what next} Palisades Wine Chiller

Ice Bucket : {what next} Palisades Ice Bucket

Cocktail Glasses : {what next} Palisades Cocktail Glasses Decor

Drinks Tray : {what next} Palisades Drinks Tray

Hair : DOUX – Mikey hairstyle [Brunettes]

Beard : DOUX – Big mesh beard [Dark brown]


Ring : Chop Zuey – Esme Gld Wedding Ring Set

Mesh Head : CATWA HEAD Daniel

Mesh Body : [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body – v3.5


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