Myrddin is the most powerful Wizard of Welsh mythology – this suit is a handsome representation of his power and style. This Heth Haute Couture 3-piece black crepe tailored men’s suit includes a silk brocade beaded shirt, standing collar with plumed  pauldrons, beaded feather cape, evening crown, brooch, and formal leather shoes. An elegant bold look for a magical evening. In 5 standard mesh sizes with alpha layer.

Jacket: HHC – Myrddin Men’s Jacket

Shirt: HHC – Myrddin Men’s Suit Shirt & Pant

Feathers: HHC – Myrddin Shoulder Feathers

Cuff: HHC – Myrddin Men’s Shirt Cuff

Tie: HHC – Myrddin Men’s Tie

Vest: HHC – Myrddin Men’s Suit Vest

Crown: HHC – Myrddin Crown

Brooch: HHC – Myrddin Brooch

Collar: HHC – Myrddin Collar & Shoulders

Cape: HHC – Myrddin Feathered Cape

Shoes: HHC – Myrddin Shoes

Skin: L’Etre Homme – Josh Skin [Pearl tone]

Eyes: L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#31]

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Paul V4.10

Mesh Body: [Signature] Gianni – BODY – v3.1


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