Game Over !


Emerald Couture has a new urban wear release GAME OVER Tanks and Pant at the SWANK October Event.

Tank: EC Game Over TANK ADAM @ SWANK

Pants: EC Game Over Pants @ SWANK

Boots: EC Game Over Boots @ SWANK

Necklace: Chop Zuey Screaming Dead Mens Necklace

Bracelet: Bauhaus Movement – Cypriss Wrist Rock Black

Bracelet: Pure Poison – Cool Unisex Bracelets


Lip Piercing: .:Glint:. Battleshield lip piercings

Nose Piercing: .:E.A.Studio:. Piercing Bare Code

Ear Piercing: **RE** Savage Ears Piercings

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dylan Mesh Hair – Ash Pack

Head: *!*Adam Mesh Head- beta1-v1.2

Eyes: L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#31]

Body: *!*Adam boxed V1.4b

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