The August Swagbag from MadPea includes the L&B Swear Hero X Jacket, L&B Swear Tactical Leather Pants, MadPea Lionheart Helmet and NOMAD // Broken Cable Car.

Jacket: L&B * Fitted AESTHETIC* Swear Hero X Jacket V2 t @ Swagbag

Pants: L&B * AESTHETIC* Swear Tactical Leather Pants @ Swagbag

Helmet: MadPea Lionheart Helmet @ Swagbag

Cablecar: NOMAD // Broken Cable Car @ Swagbag

Shoes: Razor /// Fall Out Boy Kicks – Razor///

Gun: [BDS Designs] Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle


Body: (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Advanced Mesh Body – ENZO 1.7

Shape: (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Avatar Shapes

Head: (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – [Head] ENZO 1.7

Eyes: (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Eyes (Blue)


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