Armand à Paris



The Swank Event for September starts on the 7th. The theme for the September event is French and the  stores are located in small town market architecture. Paris — where love blooms and couture abounds. This casual couture ensemble features a linen jacket with matching slacks, silk vest and a cotton tee with original logo of the Paris Eiffel Tower. A sexy look that keeps you styled right. Includes SLINK shoes, Black Diamond Sunglasses, Coat, Vest, Tee, and Slacks in 5 standard mesh sizes with alpha layers. Look your best – style right. — HETH Haute @ [SWANK ].

Ensemble: HHC – Armand Men’s Ensemble  @ [SWANK ].

Sunglasses: HHC – Armand Shades

Necklace: HHC – Timekeepers Necklace

Brooch: HHC – ‘Morri’s Nightmare’ Brooch

Shoes: HHC – Armand Slink Shoes

Ring: HHC – The Richard Ring

Ear Studs: {MYNX} Triangle Studs

Hairs: *ARGRACE* Hunting “Natural Wavy” ~ (Blonde)

Socks: JD – ManSocks Knit SLink Socks


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