Bannister Man




Hawker’s House Mesh Dress Vest and Slacks set is an amazing semi-dressy vest, shirt, tie, and slacks outfit. You can dress it up, or tone it down. The vest, shirt, and loose tie can be paired with jeans for another great look. This is one outfit you don’t want to pass up…you’re going to love the look, and the mesh format ensures a great fit.

Shirt: *HH* Bannister Men’s Mesh Dress Shirt White

Vest: *HH* Bannister Men’s Mesh Dress Vest

Tie: *HH* Bannister Men’s Mesh Tie Black

Pant: *HH* Bannister Men’s Mesh Dress Slacks Ebony

Glasses: * SORGO – Master / COSMOS (SG)

Shoes: HHC – Leopold Men’s Dress Shoes


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