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An upscale early era look in contemporary GQ Style Luciano – The Boss – By 69 Park Ave @ [SWANK]. This is a complete three piece outfit that includes a charcoal grey silky pinstripe jacket with matching vest and dress pants. Outfit also includes four choices of shirts with dress pants and the tie can be color hued to add your favorite color in turn giving you many tie and shirt combinations. Suit combination choices are full three piece, jacket only, jacket and vest or just shirt and tie. Looks sharp whichever way you choose to carry yourself tonight.

Jacket: GQ – Luciano – Jacket

Shirt and Pants: GQ – Luciano – Shirt And Trousers

Vest: GQ – Luciano – Vest

Tie: GQ Luciano_Mens Slim Tie

Ring: Exquisite Forever Groom’s Ring – Gold

Shoes: HHC – Leopold Men’s Dress Shoe


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